Castrol Classic Brake Fluids

Various Castrol Classic oil for brakes and other hydraulic systems.
  • Brake Fluid Dot 4
    High performance synthetic fluid, formulated with mixed polyalkylene glycol ethers and selected additives. These enable the fluid to operate at high performance level throughout its service life, offering system protection and ultimate braking confidence.
    NZ$ 39.91
    NZ$ 45.90 incl GST
  • React Peformance Dot 4
    Castrol Super Dot 4 is a high boiling point synthetic brake fluid. Formulated from mixed polyalkylene glycol ethers and borate ester together with other high perfomance additives and inhibitors which give ultimate system performance.
    NZ$ 38.17
    NZ$ 43.90 incl GST
    Very High Performance brake fluid.
    This fluid has a dry boiling point in excess of 300 degrees C. Special value product in competitive motor sport where extreme braking conditions are encountered.
    NZ$ 152.96
    NZ$ 175.90 incl GST
  • RR363 Hydraulic Fluid- 1L
    Central system hydraulic fluid blended with castor oil for added lubricity. Fully approved by Rolls Royce for use in hydraulic system fitted to models before 1980 which have a metal reservoir. Also used in Citroen hydraulics and other hydraulic machinery requiring DOT3 specs.
    NZ$ 71.22
    NZ$ 81.90 incl GST
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